Hatfield Centre & Atlantic Canada Profile

The Hatfield Centre in Fox River, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia is the focal point for Liz Yorke’s business interests in Atlantic Canada, which include:

  • Management consulting services provided by Hatfield Management Consulting (registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies)
  • Operation of The Beach House on Hatfield Road (www.novascotiabeachhouse.com), an executive-level vacation rental property for the visiting public, on the Bay of Fundy
  • Management and leadership of The Hatfield Centre, (www.hatfieldcentre.com) a virtual business centre and retreat, which provides:
    • Accommodation for out of province corporate visitors
    • Beach location for corporate retreats & planning sessions
    • Seaside location for Boards of Directors, AGMs and similar meetings
    • Coastal setting for workshops and seminars, in collaboration with a network created with other local rental vacation accommodations
    • Secluded setting for celebrations
  • Management of her blueberry fields and woodlot in Yorke Settlement, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

Liz Yorke belongs to the Blueberry Producers’ Association of Nova Scotia.